Harmony Health And Wellness

Transformational change requires commitment, consistency, sacrifice, and support along the way. Our program is designed to provide support and accountability for you as you make the changes you want to see in your life.

Assessment and Plan

We realize that everyone has their own unique health and life journey and that's why we create an individualized health and wellness plan designed specifically for you. We offer a variety of natural therapies and will also work with your physician.

Online Shopping Club

We offer a membership to online shopping that has a full line of health & wellness, natural, plant-based products that will cleanse & purify your environment, your skin, and your health. There are over 500 products to choose from.

Qualified and Experienced

Bachelor's Degree in Science, with a concentration in Pre-Med Certified Medical Assistant Specialist International Association of Wellness Professionals, Certification Pending 20+ Years of Experience in the Medical Field


Harmony Health Services and Pricing Guide

Introduction and Evaluation (60 Minutes)------------------------No Charge

Care and Coaching Services (60 Minutes)---------------------------$75.00

Life Crisis Support: This is for you if you are in the middle of a life or health crisis or recovering from trauma or a serious ailment and need an advocate to help you get through it.                                                                                                       

Emotional Distress: Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. Especially after a disappointment or loss and we need help sorting them out and getting them under control.

Mind/Body/Soul Recovery Program: Are you looking for a life transformation? Let’s work together to create a plan and walk through it together until you are seeing the changes you desire to see.

Lifestyle Examination (gut check): If you need a loving, hard look at where you are and lifestyle changes that may need to be made to get where you want to be, this is for you.

Ongoing Support: This option provides support along the way with a Certified Health Coach who desires your well-being and will hold you accountable to your goals.

Breakthrough Session (90-120 Minutes)---------------------------199.00

We will dig deep into various aspects of your life and health over a video chat, and provide you with a personalized intensive plan toward reaching your goals. You will also receive a thorough report, a recording of the video, follow-up activities, and next steps.

Package Sessions:

  • Book 5 Sessions and Save $50---------------------------------------$325.00
  • Book 10 Sessions and Save $100------------------------------------$600.00
  • Book 25 Sessions and Save $375----------------------------------$1,500.00