Thank you so much for stopping by and allowing me to introduce myself. My name is Sabrina Haralson. I am the owner and founder of Harmony Health Academy. I am also a Health and Life Coach. I come from a background of many years in the medical field.  I started out as a Certified Medical Assistant Specialist, working toward medical school. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Med Sciences and began to take on more responsibility as a Healthcare Professional. I have done many things in healthcare from small and mundane to big and exciting! To name a few, I emptied peritoneal bags, drew blood, performed laboratory bench testing, took care of critically ill patients, I was a first responder to hospital codes, and I was a part of the inaugural team of medical professionals to kick-off a phase one cancer research unit.  I met some wonderful and very intelligent, Einstein-like people in the medical field; the best of the best; the cream of the crop. I learned a lot during those years and hold the time I spent in the medical field very near and dear to my heart. However, after seeing so much sickness and death, my desire begin to shift towards preventative health and healing, the whole person; and that's when I decided to become a health and life coach. The thought of addressing health concerns before they become problematic, and find the root cause of an individualized health challenge was very exciting to me.  I truly believe that if we take care of our body it will take care of us, and a lot of the illnesses we suffer can easily be avoided. Granted, sometimes our body breaks down, even when we have done our best to take care of ourselves; but there is always a hidden culprit. This is how I know. My adrenal glands burned out, resulting in a bi-lateral adrenalectomy.  I was the picture of perfect health. I ate right, exercised, never smoked, drank, or used drugs, and I wasn’t overweight. Anyone looking on at my life was shocked to know that I had fallen ill. In hindsight, I was under a great deal of stress and not doing anything to manage it. Recently adrenal fatigue and burnout have become familiar terms but when I experienced my health crisis, that was not the case. When I asked my doctor's opinion as to why this happened, his answer was this “I can’t explain why you got sick but I can tell you how you survived." He said I had created a strong defense against ilness and was able to fight and survive. It's no secret that none of us will live forever, atleast not on this earth but we can make the best of the time that we are here.  The support I received during my illness and healing made a world of difference, and I would love to be that support for you, wherever you are on your health and life journey.