I believe that God wants us to be well and live our best life while we are here on earth. Too often that is not the case. Sickness is everywhere and people are dying left and right. There are many accounts in the Bible of Jesus healing the sick and even raising the dead and we have been given that same power. So where are we not getting it right? We hear of someone praying over their sick loved one and it seems that God is not answering. We often become angry with God and wonder why He didn't save our loved one; why He took them.  I believe 2 things; that healing isn't solely for the purpose of prolonging our life or living forever, it is for the purpose of living our best life for the time we have. Scripture says that we have each been appointed a day to be born and a day to day. No one is getting out of this world alive. We may go to eternal life, but our body will die to this world.  Secondly, I believe that when our time comes when God calls us back unto Himself, there is no amount of prayer, medicine, tears, you name it, that can change that. However, there was one account in the Bible where God extended someone's life by 15 years when they were on their deathbed. We have seen that too in this life. I myself had a near-death experience and was brought back. God is glorified and His power is made known in these situations, but He is the only one who can extend time. Ultimately, even though it looked like it should have been that person's time to die, it was not. It was already written in God's perfect plan.